Winter feelings

Each season I are in color and smooth world. According to the circulating flow of time, spring emerald clear, energetic summer, autumn amber overflowing emotions welling then passed. Winter came, and the gray winter is always the longest season in my country. Winter makes us feel the presence of the icy domain of mind. Or was the cold that blasted deep sorrow in my heart, to me or to reflect on a fragile feeling that winter just feel all is? The cold makes everyone living a little more slowly, and the like to slow down the way, each one would feel more reassured, certainly more about this life. Winter help palpable on every corner of his soul that long then I forget ... The beginning of winter days, the city will also seem safe again, the leaves still sing love songs of the wind, the step light legs still go through the alley, somewhere open eyes looking up at the falling revenues. The winter season is probably the favorite by many people feeling cold and warm interwoven in each line of emotions. I also like winter, like the warm feeling every wave snuggled in blankets sleeping in mother called up, love the cold air se se transfer of information, and especially love the winter cold ice cream. Winter with the characteristics of it can not overlap, always leave in the hearts of all the endless outpouring of emotion. It is said, remember the winter that they feel the sweet, the value of life around him. Winter cold ice cream to feel the warmth value. When winter of warm sweet things, seems to reveal the most valuable natural looks of it. Maybe it's true. There are things people do not feel the value while still holding, while losing only a new heart to feel pity. There is winter, we see love and cherish the warm sun of spring - the sun carrying bag that expected.

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