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    Nov 24, 2010
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    Our 2 new Lenovo laptops, running Windows 7 x64 Home, are unable to see the shared folders on Windows XP desktop via wireless. I'm able to connect to the internet fine, and see the two laptops on the network. But I cannot see the WinXP computer and shared folders.

    Here's the kicker. I go to disable the wireless on the laptops, and connect the laptops via ethernet cable to the router, everything works. The shared folders on XP appears just fine on the laptops. I can access it and print to the network printer like I've been wanting. Would love to have this work on wireless. What gives? What am I missing?

    Note: Firewall turned off.

    I'd greatly appreciate any help at all.
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    A little strange, but there can be some latency in propagating NetBIOS information. Also check the properties of the wireless care and make sure the TCP/IP over netbios is enabled under the WINS tab, in the advance properties of the wireless card.
    Also with the wireless enabled and the wired connection disabled. See what you can ping. Determine the actual IP address of the XP machine and the computer name. Open a command prompt and make sure you can ping both.
    If successful, attempt to access a share on the XP machine using UNC but start with the IP address. Like;
    \\\ShareName (substituting the actual address and folder name)
    Keep us posted.

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