Wired Connection - will connect but not to my network, other pc's connect.....

I have a wired desktop PC running windows seven home premium. For 12 months my PC connected to my netgear router flawlessly.

a month ago my partner bought a macbook pro (boo) and also connected to this router using network cable without a problem.

2 weeks ago my PC started behaving funnily, in that it would have no connection on startup or sometimes when waking up. During this time the macbook would connect as normal.

Now it just will not connect at all.

Other laptops can connect using the exact same cable as my PC.

I took my PC to the only computer store in my small town who said that it took them 30 seconds to 'fix' and that IE and firefox worked as well as world of warcraft launcher. So it obviously connects to other networks.

I cheered and bought it home and alas, the exact same problem. I have attempted to follow the direction of this post: http://windows7forums.com/windows-7-networking/50359-wired-pc-wont-connect-router.html and change settings in the properties of my network adapter but i get this message: ".... controls on this property sheet are disable because..... other network property sheets are already open" and i have nothing else open. Also, W7 continuously attempts to restore the connection, fails, and tries again.

I ran /ipconfig all and it shows the server name of the computer store in the DNS suffix list. The default gateway entry is blank and i cant see an IP address entry.

Is this a W7 problem or should i be looking elsewhere?
Please help, im at my wits end.

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Yes have tried that. I made some progress, i managed to solve the problem of not being able to access the properties mentioned in the other post i had been following and made the suggested changes, but to no avail.

Any ideas?

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