Windows 7 Wireless access works ethernet connection unidentified?


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I have a Homehub 2.0 that has worked flawlessly up until now.

I am using Windows 7 RC1 and I don't have any bt software installed.

I can't access the internet or the homehub interface via the ethernet cable connected to my desktop - yet i can wirelessly via the laptop. When i open up the 'network and sharing center' it has it listed as 'unidentified network'.

When i try to resolve the problem it comes up with the error - 'local area connection doesn't have a valid I.P. configuration'.

I'm afarid my network knowledge is very lacking as it's not an area i've had to trouble shoot before - i've been lucky up until now.

There is one other thing - just before this happened i was in the BIOS and accidently pressed enter on the 'SMART LAN' option it's a Lan cable diagnostic function' - is this just coincidence or has this caused the problem? (could it have confused the hub or the port itself?)

I've reset the hub and also unplugged it for several minutes - but to no success.

It's got me stumped and i've spent 2 hrs googling for a solution but i've either not recognised the answer or i have a wierd problem which is why i wasn't getting any hits.

Spec: Gigabyte EP43-SPL, E5300, 4gig DDR 8500, ATi 4850, onboard sound and a Homehub 2.0

Any help appreciated.

EDIT: Problem resolved. Re-installed windows - brutal but effective!

Additional: I found out the actual cause, for anyone having the same problem and using a similar mobo - Winodws 7 updated my network adapter during a windows update. I just rolled back the drivers, this time, and the network was identified again.
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