Wireless connection issue

I've Windows 7 Ultimate and up until this week I had no issue with wireless connection and it still works but here is the problem.
For about a week everytime I log into my Windows, my wireless connection icon on the system tray shows with "X" but if I click on troubleshoot then after couple of minutes it comes up with 2 options and the 1st one is check to see if the problem is resolved and if I choose that then in a minute the wireless is up and running and the troubleshooting wizard actually ends with saying there are 2 issues so what I've done is after the connection is back up then I close the troubleshooting wizard and everything works fine.

I didn't had this issue before, I've been using Windows 7 for almost 6 months now and only for the past week or so everytime I goes into Windows for the 1st time I've no wireless connection and I've to start troubleshooting wizard to get it work.

I'm wondering could this be something to do with some setting; I've tried rebooting the router even though it works fine on the other machine and on my other WIFI devices with no luck.


reinstall the driver and the problem got fixed and later found there's a new driver for it so all good.

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