Wireless connection lost when closing the lid of the laptop

When I open the lid of my laptop I see there is no network connection and computer starts to search it. It happens a lot but not always.
I tried to see how long it takes for the connection to be disconnected after I close it, and sometimes it happens almost immediately - I close the lid, open it and the connection is disconnected. This not happens when the lid is open. In general it would not bother me as much, but I cannot leave my laptop with downloads. Once I close the lid downloads interrupted.
I checked the Power settings of what my computer does when the lid is closed, advanced settings too. I verified that I set all options to "Never" and "Maximum Performance" on plugged in computer, but the problem still happens.
Anything else I need to do? Thanks.


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Try some of these: (I know you mentioned that you tried some of these)

1. Device Manager - Network Adapter - go to - Properties - Power management & uncheck allow this computer to disable this device to save power

2. Power options - System Settings - and disable Sleep Mode when you close.

3. Wireless Adapters Settings - Power Savings Mode - Maximum Performance

4. control panel - network connections - right click the wireless connection - properties - configure (just below the name of ur adapter) - power management - untick the "allow this computer to turn off this device"

5. Try updating you network adapter.

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Wow, thank you, this is really helpful.
Like you said the Wireless and Network adapters were set to save power, so I unchecked the box. Now I will pay attention for my laptop's behavior and hopefully it is fixed.

Nope, still the same, sorry. I keep losing the connection every time I close the lid, so frustrating. I went over all power settings, set everything to maximum power and to work all the time, even on battery, set the properties of the wireless card not to turn off, and the problem still happens.
Anything else I can do? Is it the wireless driver problem or the OS?

Any ideas?


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Does the laptop go to sleep when the lid is shut? I would consider what you are seeing as normal operations.

The only thing I might suggest, which I believe has already been suggested, would be to set the lid closing options to "Do Nothing" when plugged in and on battery power. This might leave the display on and consume quite a bit more power, but it might do what you want.

Have you tried just holding down the lid sensor button to see what happens?

I changed the settings to "Do nothing" before, but it did not solve the problem.

What is " lid sensor button" and where do I find it?

I also suspect that the problem might be in one of the installed utilities that came with my laptop. I have genuine Sony, so I have all kind of Vaio softwares on it. Maybe one of them is a problem? Maybe I have some running service that can do it?

Simple, mindless fix. Don't close the lid when you want the network to remain active. This way, your pc will function as a pc instead of an electronic device turned off. Yay for me.

lol, you are so smart, Captain Obvious.

If it was so obvious, why the need for the thread to begin with?

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