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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by yohanevindra, Jun 27, 2009.

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    My laptop has an Intel 3945ABG wireless card. I have used my laptop with wireless internet in uni without any problem at all. I think all the APs in uni are Cisco (Linksys).

    But when I came back home this time, I have a problem with my home wireless internet. I have a Netgear WG602 v3 AP and previously I used my laptop with Windows 7 Build 7000 and there was no problem. But this time with Build 7100 there seems to be a problem.

    I have set the connection to automatically connect, and when it does, it connects with "Limited Access". I then have to disconnect and reconnect. When I do that, it again comes up with the same "Limited Access" and then I can either troubleshoot or cancel.
    If I click toubleshoot, it comes u saying that there's a problem with my Wireless Network Adapter drivers, Sometimes it also comes up saying there's a problem with my Local Connection Adapter.
    If I click cancel, then after a few seconds it will indicate that it is connected. Is there something wrong with my AP? I jus updated the firmware for it and rebooted it.

    I tried installing the lates drivers for the wireless card but that did not work.

    Previously wireless has worked perfectly with it even connecting automatically as when needed.

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