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Hi, i have been having a problem with my network connection for about 2 weeks now. The problem is my desktop keeps disconnecting from the router after sleep mode, this problem can also happen randomly when i am surfing the net.

I have already tried many fixes for this such as unchecking the allow computer to turn off this device, i have also changed the channel for my wireless router, i have also updated all my drivers on windows 7 and both of my network adapters. can anyone help me and try to help me fix this.?

I have 2 wireless network adapters and they both disconnect so its not the adapter. All other devices stay connected apart from my desktop. This problem is starting to get frustrating and i dont know what to do anymore.

also when i manually disconnect from the network and reconnect again it is all fine it connects no problem but when i go into sleep mode and it automatically disconnects when i try to connect again it says unable to connect. Even when i reboot the system it still will not connect i have to just keep trying to change things and keep trying to connect and eventually it does connect.

thanks in advance for the help

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Only other thing to try is set it for a static IP.

Also did you try uninstalling drivers and reboot the PC and let win reinstall the adapter drivers?


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Don't know if this is any help, but when I have that happen, usually just going to Network Sharing Center, Change Adapter Settings and telling it to "Disable this Network Device" waiting a few seconds and then Enabling it will reestablish the connection.

But I'd go with Helpifican and try uninstalling your Network Adapter in Device Manager and then rebooting.
This will force Windows to re-detect, configure and re-install the drivers for the device.

You can run Malwarebytes just to be sure that it isn't related to some kind of malware.

If it still does it I don't have any other ideas.



thanks for the help guys but all of the above I have done and it does not help and the malware scan i have done and everything is fine.

I was thinking i have a wireless adapter card that is in a PCI-E slot and that does not seem to be working right and is acting strange but i have a wireless adapter built in to my motherboard could the PCI-E network card be dogey and might be causing interference for the wireless built in to my motherboard. Is this possible? is it worth taking the wireless adapter out of the PCI-E slot and see if that help ??

thanks for help in advance guys


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You could just try to disable one of them first, if that does not help I guess taking out the PCI card would be a good option to try next.


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I'd try pulling the network card and running it off the mother board and see what happens too.
I't doesn't seem likely that both of them are bad.

ok thanks ye i will try that next. I have already tried disaballing the network card and the outcome was still the same so i will try taking it out and uninstalling the drivers and see if that helps. I will let u know the outcome thanks guys

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