Wireless detects networks - but won't connect to some

I have Windows 7 Starter in my Acer Aspire One 532h-2527.

The Network Adapter seems to work OK. Several networks are available, should be no problem.

The network I am trying to connect to is a WiFi hotspot that my home ISP, which is OptimumWiFi from Cablevision, has around the area. All I need is my regular user name and password that I use from my home ISP in order to log on.

Problem is, it won't connect to it at all. There's even a yellow "!" next to it to indicate something's wrong.

The exclamation mark appears next to other Wifi hotspots - timewarner, xfinity.

Other networks show up fine, like my neighbor's or a store next door. I click on them, and I am asked to enter the security code/password. That would be fine if I had the password.

But the wireless won't allow me to get to that point at all with the WiFi hotspot.

I contacted my ISP, and they said to contact the maker of the computer.
I contacted Acer, and they said this was an "advanced" problem with the settings in the wireless, and that I had to pay them to get it corrected, even though it was a brand new computer under warranty.

Can anyone help with where and what these settings are supposed to be?

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