Windows 7 Wireless internet conection problem


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Jan 18, 2009
Hello 7 users
I too am suffering with wireless conection problems under win7 beta.
I have beta7 on a test machine with the following spec:

AMD 2400 CPU

In device manager there are 3 devices with a problem.

nvidia nforce mcp networking controller.
multimedia audio controller.
sm bus controller.

I haven't found a suitable driver for these devices as yet.Still looking.
Everything else seems to be working properly.
I do have onboard sound working in a fashion.(Its a bit crackley).It wasn't working at all before i downloaded and installed a newer AC97 driver from Gigabyte website.
I'll worry about that later.

The D-Link usb adapter shows up in device manager and is working properly.
When i try to connect i see a list of connections with my seimens router (supplied by Orange) with mine at the top followed by a number of other connections which i imagine belong to other users in the neighbourhood.(Netgear42,Cougar2500,BTHomehubA34D).
I click on my router name and enter my SSID (on the bottom of my router)and it tries to connect.
The lights flash on the usb adapter a few times then i get a message to say 'unable to connect'.
Have tried various driver updates to no avail.
On my router,Broadcasting is 'ON'.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and good luck with win 7.


There was a few of us that had wireless issues with a linksys G router, the wireless function of the router seems to lose capabilities upon boot of a win 7 pc. The working theory is that it may be win 7 using IP version 6 as a default, which is wreaking havoc on some routers. Our discussion was here... Link Removed .

I've also disabled IP v6, and this seems to work. I'm not sure it will help your D-Link cause but let me know. It would be interesting to know how many routers (if thats the case) that this is affecting.

Hi Kevin
Thanks for the reply.
This wireless business seems to be a common problem i gather.
I am fairly new to wireless so i am feeling my way and trying to get on top of this.
Sounds like a driver or compatability problem.
I'll let you know if i have any success.


wireless router

I have a D-Link wireless router, if I leave it unsecured then windows 7 can find it and connect to it no problem but if I make ita secured network then it will find it but wont be able to connect to it, anybody got any ideas ?


what are you using for encryption....WEP...WPA-tkip...or WPA2? My suggestion would be to start by securing using 64 bit WEP, just to see if you can do it. Then 128 bit. Once you've established a secure network, then move on to WPA or better.

wireless router

I was using 64 bit WEP which works fine on my windows vista, Im using a dual boot at the moment to see what windows 7 is like without using it as my main system.
It just wont seem to connect if you have to type in a WEP key, but leaving the network unsecured it will connect straight away

Maybe Win7 dumped the WEP protocol...

it may be asking for WPA. There are a number of entities are quit supporting WEP


Have now resolved the problem of my wireless router, using WPA it will now connect , thnaks for the advice you were right

I am a field supervisor with one of the largest cable companies in the US. What we have found is that Win7 likes 128 bit encryption. If your not set up that way you need to go into the settings on your router and set them for 128 bit. We have also found that Netgear has the best usb device for the desktop version of Win7 using version 3.3 or higher. I use the Netgear on my desktop and that is connecting fine to my Belkin router at 128 bit.

Good luck