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My wifi in my house disconnects every time the phone rings. I have tried channels 1, 6, and 11 and it doesn't make a difference. It can't be the frequency of the phone/router because the same phone and router worked fine a few weeks ago without disconnecting, but all of a sudden one day the phone started disconnecting my wireless. I am not exactly sure what the problem could be.


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There are a couple things that I might suggest trying.
If your internet connection is via DSL, perhaps first try replacing your phone filters.
If as you've stated that connection has "worked fine a few weeks ago" then you might suspect that an interim windows update to the driver for your wireless card may have installed a driver that is less than optimal.
Open device manager
Expand Network adapters
Select then right click the problem wireless adapter and choose properties
Select the driver tab and see if you have the option to "Roll Back Driver" if the button appears opaque (greyed out) then the option is not available.
After rolling back the driver, restart the computer and see if that helps, if not then attempt the same process again until you get back to a working driver.
Alternately, determine the Manufacturer Name, Model Name, Model Number and Revision Number of the the wireless adapter and use that manufacturer's website to obtain the latest driver available and install it manually.
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Wireless phones are made from extremely CHEAP components and it's all together possible that a breakdown of some component in the phone base station is causing RFI to interfere with your WiFi.

Since you probably don't have the sensitive instrumentation to detect RFI, about all you can do is troubleshoot by replacement.

I'd go down to a local store that has a money back guarantee on their products and buy me a new phone.
Then try it out and if it doesn't solve the problem, take it back for a full refund.

You could do the same for the WIFI device on the ???
You didn't even mention what your WiFi device is..... a desktop? a Laptop? a computer game?
Please fill in all the blanks so we won't have to just guess about what we're doing. Eh?

I have a wireless G adapter in my Acer Netbook, but I've disabled that to use a Wireless N, USB device, with a 7db gain antenna on it.
It's much more reliable over distance, than the Wireless G device in the PC.

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In response to the two posts, I have a desktop, and the adapter is a wireless bridge, a NETGEAR WNCE2001 to be specific, which I connect to the ethernet port on my computer. I have the latest drivers possible for the adapter and for the Intel card built into my computer, which I assume is just needed for internet through the ethernet port. Also, we have two different sets of phones in the house, and both of them disconnect the internet, so I am doubting that it is a problem with the phone itself, but rather how the network is set up.

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