wireless internet doesnt work anymore

it used to work, then i got blue screened, nothing really changed except internet wont work with wireless

the strange thing though is, that it is in my wireless networks and is working with like 80% strength, but when i take my ethernet internet out, it just wont work at all.


Try uninstalling and re-installing the driver


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Possibly you have lost your wireless connection, and are working the network through the ethernet?(Or trying to?)As the other postre suggests, you could open the Device manager in the Control Panel. Look under Network adapters, and see if you have the wireless adapter working. (There will be a yellow mark against it if it is off). Try and reinstall or update the driver. (Double click - driver tab)
If everything, however, appears to be working, then, in the Control Panel (icon view) open the Network and Sharing Center. - Set up a new connection..etc. Then connect to....or, if you are confident "Manually connect.."..

okay sweet. everything seems to be working (sorry for epic belated reply)

so it says :this device is working properly, and just says not connected, but when i unplug my ethernet it doesnt automatically connect.

1. it was working when i first got my laptop, but i got bluescreened (cheap crappy laptop) and it hasnt worked since.
2. last time i was on here i read that i might fix it if i uninstall then re-install, i tried to uninstall, i think i uninstalled maybe 1 thing and couldnt figure how to reinstall it.
3. it says its got full bars of connectivity???


holy wow it works

thanks heaps man,
i just manually created a new connection... works perfectly
your a lifesaver


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