Wireless Internet Stuck on Indentifying

Wireless Internet Stuck on Identifying

I see you guys have this problem a lot but through scrolling through other threads I still couldn't get my wireless internet to begin working on my laptop. It goes between saying "Identifying... (NETGEAR) No internet access" and something like "Unidentified (something something) Limited Access." I've had this problem for about 2 weeks now and I just can't get it to work.I had the rundll32 virus and I believe something called "PING.exe" and I got rid of them with TDSSKiller, but after the reboot my internet wouldn't work and I got a prompt saying that PowerISO couldn't launch properly or something like that. I uninstalled PowerISO but the internet problem remains. I've tried so many different things to try to fix it I'll probably already have done some of the stuff you guys will suggest but I'll retry it anyways.If you need anymore info just ask I'll reply as soon as possible. Thanks.

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Re: Wireless Internet Stuck on Identifying

Hmm, it's been a month and no response. Anyone have some ideas about what to do?


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Re: Wireless Internet Stuck on Identifying

Well to start with some particulars regarding the elements involved in your network.
The wireless router..... Manufacturer, Model Name, Model Number, Revision Number and current firmware version you are running.
The wireless adapter...Manufacturer, Model Name, Model Number, Revision Number and current driver version and date you are using.
Since this is a laptop, some system specs might help as well. http://windows7forums.com/windows-7...you-filling-your-system-specs.html#post235529
Have you had an opportunity to test the connection in other environments (hotspots, McDonalds, friends, relatives, neighbors)?


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Re: Wireless Internet Stuck on Identifying

This happened to me the other day when I was setting up a HTPC and connected to my wireless network. I think it is caused because the network cannot connect to the DHCP server and get a valid IP address. Mine always showed on of those 169.x.x.x addresses Windows will put in if it has no other option.

The ping command, which can be used to check connectivity is used by opening a command prompt and typing

ping 192.1xx.xxx.xxx

inserting the address of your router. It should come back with 4 replies, or state it cannot send and receive. But some firewalls may stop this process.

But if you are using the same workgroup and have your system set to allow DHCP and the router is not using MAC filtering, it should see the router. If it does not, you might try entering a static address for your network to give the system a little nudge. If it works, you can change it back later.

If you need any help with finding IP address and such, just post back.

Sorry about the month, but once in a while a post will not show up until later, or has been marked as read while waiting for someone with an answer to come along.

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