Wireless Mouse or Wired Mouse?


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I have always wondered what the majority of people use, wired or wireless mice? I use wireless but am going to switch to a wired mouse just because my mouse has died on my before during a critical time. What do you guys and gals use?


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The problem with a wired mouse is the wire! It gets snagged and tangled up in feet. And it can pull back on the mouse, moving your cursor.

I use on my main machine, Link Removed due to 404 Error. I don't know who makes the mice and keyboards for Microsoft but they are excellent. I particularly like the mouse because while right handed, I use my mouse with my left hand. 99% of contoured mice are made for the right hand and I don't like the feel of them in my left. And left-handed mice tend to be too expensive for me to justify the money - not when a non-contoured feels "natural" to me.

That said, I always keep a wired mouse and keyboard handy - for troubleshooting purposes.

On my notebook, I use the Logitech V450 Nano. I like it for several reasons. (1) It is not contoured, (2) it is small, but not too small so still comfortable, but goes with notebooks when traveling, (3) the receiver/dongle is tiny so I can leave it connected even when in the notebook travel case, and (4) it's laser tracks on just about anything including glass, your pants leg, carpet, furniture upholstery (the arm of my recliner).

That said, NO ONE can really recommend a mouse (or keyboard either) for you. The mouse is an extension of YOUR hand and therefore, must "feel" right to you. So I highly recommend you visit your local consumer electronics stores and play touchy feeling with all of them. Then choose what you feels good to you.


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Razer Mamba, great for gaming

This mouse is wirelss and wired, Change over to wireless when ever you want and the simply remove the cable from the back.... or plug it back in for gaming or wired. best mouse ever surely


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Definitely wired for both with a desktop. Never fancied going Abo with PC attachments. Plus no batteries, possible wireless connection interference, lead shields or kryptonite to disrupt the connections.


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razer mamber has a rechargable battery like a mobile phone so no buying new batteriews, takes a hour or 2 to charge , lasts ages
a lot of money but well worth the price


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Kaos and it has driver problems. Mate bought one and has had nothing but trouble with it. I went off Razer awhile ago as the build quality isn't always stellar and they're overpriced for my liking. Just my 2p :)


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Wireless mouse on laptop. Logitech Anywhere MX. I keep a supply of rechargeable batteries fully charged in case the batteries in mouse die.


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thats good providing you got a recharger pack and plenty of batteries, razer mamba recharges the same batter up all the time, got really nice blue neon glows


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My basic Logitech mouse supplied with the donor PC had recently decided it wasn't going to play anymore. I bought a wired MS 4500 'blue' as its replacement. More than pleased.

The basic Logitech keyboard took all of 6 months to have several keys not respond as they should. Replaced with a basic MS 600 keyboard (£6 including 5 day postage, landed 2 days after order). which is an absolute treat!
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