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    A bit of a strange issue here.

    I recently purchased a new laptop, and installed W7 RC7100 on it. Brought it to my friends house and my house, both of which were equipped with wireless routers running in mixed g and n modes. Internet worked fine. The touchpad on my laptop bricked after a few hours, and I RMA'd it.

    Received a new laptop, installed W7 RC1 build 7232 on it. 64 bit version.
    My Router: D-Link DIR-615n
    Wireless Card: Atheros AR928x
    Friends Router: Some Linksys router with n capabilities.
    All have newest firmware

    Client for MS Networks
    QoS Packet scheduler
    Link Layer Mapper
    Link Layer Responder
    ENABLED,and bonjour disabled here are my results:

    Router set to g protocol only:
    100% network and internet functionality
    Router set to n protocol only:
    70% network and internet functionality(functionality is a rough guesstimate, but basically test it by going to a varity of websites until I start getting timeout errors)
    Router set to g and n mixed:
    10% network and functionality - works for 10-15 seconds after connecting to network, then shows maybe 5 seconds of connectivity per minute.

    With only:
    Client for MS Networks
    QoS Packet Scheduler
    ENABLED, and Bonjour service disabled my results were:

    Router set to g protocol only:
    100% Functionality
    Router set to n protocol only:
    90% functionality(when browsing websites, seeing only about 4-6 seconds of downtime out of every 30-45 seconds)
    Router set to g and n protocol:

    Note: When attempting to connect to my friends router set to g and n with above settings, friends router would not respond or allow wireless logins from my or her laptop.

    So in summary: My wireless works fine with a router is set to g only in any situation. Disabling a decent amount of functions seems to moderately to substantially increase functionality while in n, or g&n modes. However, they are still unreliable.

    Sorry for the relatively...unprofessional analysis and information I've given. I'd like to figure this out since...asking people to change over to g only is tiresome, and impossible in any public place.

    I will do my best to provide any information needed.
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