Wireless network problem - Windows 7 64 bit and HP 8000 Elite SFF

Hi guys,

I have 2 desktop computers (HP Elite Pro 8000 SFF) with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.
Recently I installed a wireless NIC in each of them.
This wireless NIC was recommended by HP (FH971AA) and installed using the software on the CD.
When I try to login to the network using with the wireless connection, it takes about one minute to show the desktop and then when I try to access any mapped network drive, it asks me for the network username and password, as if it didn't login to the network before.
Switching the computer to the lan connection it works fine.
There are other computers connected to this network that also use wireless connection, but with XP and Vista and none of them has problems.
The network server is running Windows Server 2008.
Already uninstalled the wireless software that came on the CD and tested only with the wireless NIC driver, downloaded a new driver from HP's website and upgraded the BIOS, but the problem remains in both computers.

Can anyone give me a help solving this problem?
Many thanks and regards to all.

The problem was caused by the DNS' IP address assigned by the DHCP server (router -

After manually configuring the DNS' IP address in the 2 computers with the Windows Server 2008 IP address ( the problem was solved.

Login and accessing the mapped drives is now as quick as it should be.

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