Wireless not working on windows 7

Hello ladies and guys!

Around a week ago iv built a computer for my girlfriend and i installed windows 7 then i got Wireless card installed the driver from the CD and once i try to click on icon nothing happens! i tried everything!

Then i putted the wireless card into my pc (xp) and it worked perfectly well and solutions please?


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Would you mind posting the specs on the adapter....Manufacturer, Model Name, Model Number, Revision Number. With that information someone may be able to help you further.

[langtitle=ga]Re: Wireless not working on windows 7[/langtitle]

[lang=ga]I dont think it matters what wireless card info! its something about windows 7 or drivers! couse i tried 3 different type of wireless card on that computer and none of it worked! and on mine xp worked perfect[/lang]

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