wireless printing: now it's there, now it's not

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by muybn, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Jan 4, 2013
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    I have a Lenovo T410. I had to reimage it (Windows 7) and before I did, it was doing wireless printing just fine (via a US Robotics router). After reinstalling Windows, I also reinstalled what I believed to be the correct drivers but now I can't get the printer to go wireless again. Documents just sit in the queue and don't print, and troubleshooting says it can't figure out the problem. When I select the printer, the bottom of the page reads:

    State: Network Connected Status: Needs troubleshooting
    Model: Canon M4100 Series UFRIILT Status: Printer: Error

    Any suggestions? Seems that it might be a driver issue but like I say, I believe I've installed all the correct drivers. Set up as:, which is what USR says it should be. Thanks in advance for assistance.

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