Wireless router problems

I have got my Dlin 1260 connected to my printer. I did this by taking problem PC into other room and hard wire to network to communicate with router to install printer.

Now here is the problems
When wired to my inteernet connection all is fine.
When wired to dlink, and dlink wireless communicates to internet connection I can use internet on very limited basis.
Limited = Firefox google home page visible, and google news is visible. I get no video and links dont open just a blank page with status bar halfway. IE 8 home page does not open at all I just get a blank screen non moving status bar and a small clock mocking me in the low left hand corner.
Things I have tried
DHCP Broadcast flag fiix, nothing
IPv6 disable, nothing
Reset all routers with release renew commands, nothing
I get no errors, all IP address good without conflict.
Turned off firewall and Antivirus, nothing.
But if I pick up PC and move to room with wired connection it works fine.
Oh and Dlink says that router is independent of OS, therfore pointing the finger at Win 7 (32bit)
Any ideas??
Thanks :confused:


I run a desktop wired to a Dlink DPR-1260 printserver (wireless),this connects to a netgear router that is wired to cable modem.
With XP Pro I had 0 problems connecting to internet.
With Windows 7 premium I can open Firefox to the google page and look at news headers only, if I click any link it hangs.
When I open IE 8 it just hangs and has a clock in lower left hand corner. Cannot access my netgear main page but can access the Dlink. I have a printer connected to dlink (USB) and it functions properly. Now when I move problem PC to other room and connect hardwired, no problems. Down loads and uploads all pages and browsers.

I contacted Dlink and they said that the print server is Independant of OS and does not require any updates, besides there are none.
I have the latest firmware installed.
All settings set to default and DHCP on.

What am I missing?
How can I get this to connect the same way it did with XP?

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