Wireless Router

Help!!! I just got a new HP desktop and a 24 inch monitor. I can't get it to see the router.
All I get is not connected, no connections are available.
So what do I need to do. I have my laptop and another desktop in my office that are connected and working fine. I would just plug the router directly to the PC but the telephone line is in the basement and I want the computer for upstairs office.
I have went to services.msc and started WLAN but that is all.
I have got nothing but a fat migraine out of all this.
I was wondering when I got my Dlink 524 it came with a USB stick could that be used somehow?
Any suggestions:(

Nevermind...solved it by using a USB that came with the Dlink. Shouldn't have to do it that way but hey whatever works.

Glad you got it working. My question is; does the new desktop have a built in wireless access like the laptop does. Most desktops don't have this feature but can be added as a custom feature when ordering. Hence the usb adapter/receiver that came with your Dlink router. That is what makes your connection to your wireless router. Most of the time you have to buy that as an extra item when buying wireless routers. As a general rule they don't come with it.....luckily yours did.

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