Wireless Tray Icon has a blue Circle with an initial???


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Okay, I just changed my router to a Linksys N instead of the the old WRT54g that served me so well for years and I set up my 18' Acer laptop and my 15 inch laptop and noticed that after they were up and running and I rebooted the small Acer 5100 x86 it had a normal tray icon (step bars) but there was a blue dot with what appears to be an initial of some sort in the middle of the blue dot that is on top of the tray icon. I have wireless with WPA2 encryption, but I have never seen that icon once I was up and running. It usually rolls in windows 7 and stops and reverts to either normal if it's hooked up or it keeps spinning. Anyone have a clue??


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Sorry it has been so long since your post, if the blue dot is a spinning circle, could it be the adapter is trying connect but cannot because of a security setting? Have you compared the two laptops to see what differences there are in their ipconfig /all readouts? Or in Network and Sharing Center, select the connection and then Details.

I am sure you know the security settings are on the profiles for the wireless connection and you have checked those. Did you use WPS to set them up?

I don't remember a Wireless icon with the description you give. If the router is a wireless N, do the laptops have dual band adapters?


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Got it all figured out my friend. I had never seen an icon like that either and that is why I posted in the forum. To make a long story short, I had bought a N router but it wasn't dual band and my one older laptop didn't have N capability if that makes sense. When I tried setting them up together on a home network my Acer 8943g which is 2 years old ran fine on the N router. When I added the Acer 5100 which is about 5-6 years old it would give me a proper speed from my ISP about half the time so the only thing I could think of was the older laptop wasn't configured to run properly on just an N router. If it would have been dual band I think the network would have been fine. I hope this makes sense. I took the router back and re-hooked my Linksy's WRT54g "g" router and both laptops are running a proper speed test, whereas before the older was only giving me full speed half the time. In device manager the newer laptop has ad hoc N and the old laptop has "wireless mode 11g and 11b" under advanced in network adapter properties-advanced,
As I said, I think if I used a newer Linksys dual band router N I would be better off both range and speed. What do you think Would the older laptop run better on a dual band? I just want to get the settings right once and for all.

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