Windows 7 wireless wont work. ad hoc work-around?


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Jan 12, 2009
(SOLVED) wireless wont work. ad hoc work-around?

(SOLVED: see end of this post)

relevant PC info in profile.

well, tons of support sites out there, enver joiend ones cause so many to choose. got a problem though, and i found this is dedicated to win 7, so im hoping this is my best bed.

I installed win 7 x64 today making my PC a triple boot system with XP and vista (never had to go back to XP though.) my pc came with wireless integrated, and it won't work. i'm afraid i may just have to wait till hp releases win 7 drivers.... but i hope some has some idea and cna help.

in the meantime, I connected my PC to my laptop with Vista 32bit home prem, with a crossover Ethernet... yeah, nothing's working. Tried ICS, made sure laptop is allowing shared connection, tried ad-hoc, nothing. They see the network, it would seem they're sharing music, pictures, etc folders, but big red X in middle of network map, no internet connection. Laptop sets up ICS and ad hoc connection properly, apparently, but my PC won't pick up the internet connection. And i don't think it ever saw the ad hoc connection. I've tried everything i could think of, googled endlessly.

tried a linksys wireless adapter too, WUSB11 v 2.4. 802.11b, yeah didn't work, that's from before even vista anyway; shows up as unkown device with exclamation mark in device manager. It MAY have worked from what I see online, but only if Win 7 has been the 32bit. I have another adaptor, a G, but it's much newer. I'll try it though.

Hey, but other than that, Windows 7 runs great!!

so, hopefully at least I can get this PC to used ICS on the laptop, AT LEAST to start off so that I can start working soley in win 7 (As long as nothing improtat) instead having to restart to boot into vista as I did now. but that owuld mean laptop needs to be on when i use win 7, which means extra power, hassle, and the laptop isnt stable and needs a system restore anywy. i'd prefer to get wirelss working, some how. 2 wireless options and a third wired and none work. -.-

last resort, i could technically bring modem and router up here....but that would be amess and hassle with wires, and my brother needs the router for the xbox.

thanks, hope there'll be some replies soon. i'll be checking back a lot. :)

PS: ADMINS: JUST BECAUSE I PUT TOO MANY TAGS (jsut trying to be helpful, GOSH), my whole message CLEARED. any other person would have LOST their whole message. need to look into that if you can. (luckily, I always highlight ans copy verything before clicking submit, so i didn't lose it.) I forget if one cna do anything about it with the site, but i know one message board added a feature where post-data is saved and shown in a text box when an error occurs.


HP live chat support pulled through for me again. 8)

If anyone has this same computer or suspects they have the same wireless card, get the driver here and run it under Win 7: Link Removed - Invalid URL

If by any chance the link goes down and you need the driver, send me an email. If you're not registered, it's my username at msn.
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