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My wireless was working fine and it stopped working on it's own ! When i run a diagnostic, i get this message although i never changed any of the settings ! The message is "wireless security types do not match" . What is the solution to this ?

Windows 7 32 bit is my OS

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Ensure your router is using either WEP or WPA and make sure those settings match under the Windows connection, as well as on the router itself.

The router IP is usually so you can usually access it at

This is a local address for the router, and is common on most, if not all, Cisco routers, as well as others.

You may want to identify your router model, make, and firmware version and look to upgrading your router's embedded software (firmware) if these seems to be a constant problem

Update: You may need to plug in directly to access the router admin settings.


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I have a second laptop next to me right now which is running on the same network ,,,and working fine ! The problem is the security key ! when i right click on the network i want to connect to,,i can't because it's gray and won't allow me . My security type is WEP and it is encrypted but i have the password key of course ! I just don't understand how this happened. I certainly didn't change anything or configured anything new that i can remember ! As for the firmware, well it's relatively new ! And, remind you,,,it's working fine on my other laptop at the moment. Also, Ethernet doesn't seem to have a problem ,,,thought i might include that in there !


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Are you able to right click the wireless connection and choose properties? If so try using the security tab within the connection properties to change the security/encryption, change it to open/none OK and then change it back.
If not try to open network and sharing center, choose manage wireless networks from the left column, select the problem profile from the list and choose remove. See if that helps at all with your issue.


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a short while ago,,,,,30 minutes to be exact, i though there was a problem with wireless driver,,,so i un-installed it ! So, when i go to network and sharing like you advised, no profile exsist anymore ! So, when i choose the wireless connection i want now, i am asked for a password, which i enter . However, i keep getting the same reply after entering the password "Network security key mismatch" although i just checked the router incase there was a change somehow ! The password never changed and i keep getting that message now. Not sure about the next step................


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Is it possible that perhaps when you entered the hex key, you may have chosen the wrong Key Index Number 1 through 4. Might consider moving to WPA, if all network devices support it. The passphrase feature most people find a little easier to deal with than 128 bit WEP and 26 hexadecimal digits, it is more secure and it also seems that Win7 seems to like WPA a bit better also.

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