Windows 7 Wlan Autoconfig "bug" still present, any way to fix it?


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Jan 19, 2009
As I feared, Windows 7 still uses the same WLAN Autoconfig service that Vista does, and just as in Vista, disabling it causes your wireless network to drop. As a result I have a choice between not having internet, or having Skype/games/the net in general lag out horribly every 60 seconds. Linksys only provides a vanilla driver for my WMP54G for Vista, not the wireless manager you get with the XP driver (which I doubt would work in 7), and neither Wlan Optimizer or Vista anti-lag work to clear up the issue on this OS (which I figured they wouldn't anyways). Does anyone have any ideas at all as to how I could get around this such as a 3rd party WLAN manager that isn't dependent on Wlan Autoconfig? I'm currently using the 32-bit version of the OS if that helps.
Fixed this by disabling WLAN Autoconfig before installing drivers for card.
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