WLAN Network crashes with torrent downloads

MY RALINK 802 n/g/b Drahtlos-LAN-USB Adpater (Azure Wave Technologies) always causes a crash from my internet connection and the whole network card itself.
My System is Windows 7 64bit Premium Home.

I tried updating the driver from Ralink corp.
with no success.

After 1-2 hours of downloading internet connection stops, showing the yellow little sign in the taskbar from the Wifi connection.
I can not even open the networkconnection center.

Shuting down the computer also not works , i have to use the power off switch.

Once i was waiting a long time until the computer shuts down from itself, then a blue screen showed up with some "Power" error.

i switched the power management settings off from the WLAN Card, even USB legacy support ist off in the BIOS.

USB Power saving also turned off and Windows 7 Power Management Settings are on HighPower Full Speed.

I really don´t know what to do...with a cable connected to the NVIDIA nForce NetworkingController my DSL Internet connections runs smooth without any problem.

Anyone can help?



PS: Sorry for crappy english, my german is much better :razz:


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Stay away from torrents.

Stay away from torrents.
just wondering because with VISTA and XP i had no problem with my Wifi WLAN Card

Why i have to stay away from torrents just because i upgraded my System to Win 7 64bit?

I´m downloading legal stuff , and i want to do it with WLAN and not with a cable :(


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If you want viruses, worms, and rootkiyss, keep on downloading torrents,

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