wlpg 2011 cropping does not work correctly

The cropping tool in wlpg 2011 does not work correctly. Tool is not relable and does not function as it should. I have an indentical PC with wlpg 2011 which does work correctly. I have reinstall twice with no luck.


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what problems are you actually having with the software?

Thanks for your responds. In general the editing feature does not respond as it should; here is a discussion of what is wrong. It is difficult to explain the issues. Most all of the problems are associated with the cropping functions. Here is (first,) a discussion of how it should work and how mine works.
1. I double click on target photo in the gallery and this opens up the edit page
2. I single click on the photo to be cropped and the grid appears with the star like icon which allows me to move the grid, then I adjust the grid accordingly. So far so good.
3. Here is where nothing works as it should. Please note I have an identical PC with wlpg 2011 that works as it should. That is I know how it should work.
4. Once the gird is in place I should be able to single click on the cropping icon again, the photo is cropped and the cropped photo is instantly replace with a large view of the newly cropped photo (wonderful). To move to the next photo in the gallery all I should need to do is either click the close file button or better yet, double click the newly cropped photo - very nice-
Furthermore, the next and previous buttons and the rotate functions work as they should and the auto adj works very well. On my PC this is what happens - and it never works as I just described.
5. The rotate buttons works, I single click on the target photo and the cropping grid appears which I am able to position. A single click does NOTHING, if I wait and hover the pointer over the cropping icon, the photo eventually crops and shows as a cropped photo in large view. Here is where it gets interesting. I double click on the cropped photo to move to the gallery and nothing happens accept I get a message "saving...to return to the original, click the Revert". This message remains until I do something - either click close file or attempt to click the next button which may move me to an out of sequence photo in the gallery - it is strange because the next and previous button action is random most of the times.
6. Here is another strange action. If I double click on the ready to be cropped photo, I get the cropped photo view but have trouble moving to the next photo. If I close the photo, the next photo will be and out of sequence photo in the gallery view, not what I want, I want to move to the next photo in the gallery without going to the gallery. That is what happens in my other PC. So I click the next button and get the saving message. The only option is to close the file. Very strange behavior.
There are other actions that are odd (unlike my other PC) and difficult to explain. Hopefully what I have described give you an Idea of the problems. For your information I have done another reinstall and did this reinstall with Microsoft Security Essential OFF and with Win 7 firewall OFF. This problem is driving me nuts since I like everything on my new PC working correctly. The program seems to be OK with respect to other functions. Hope you can help.

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