WMC and WMP -- only has sound but no picture (worked in Vista).

WMC -- only has sound but no picture (worked in Vista).


Unfortuantely I am having problems with the tv tuner part of WMC. First off here is my setup..

AMD Phenom II x940
ATI Radeon 4890 (w/ latest drivers installed)
Hauppage HVR-1800 (w/ latest drivers)
Hauppage 950-Q (w/ latest drivers but got "this may not have installed correctly)

When I try to use WMC to view TV I only get sound. This shouldn't be a problem with the actual signal because everything worked fine out of the box using Vista. Also when I play any DVDs I only have sound. I can open DVDs/other video files using VLC but nothing works in WMC. I can't even view the preview movies/tv clips that come preloaded on W7. I even went back and did a clean install to make sure an upgrade wasn't the problem! What's different about the TV tuner software portion of WMC in W7 and in Vista?

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Anyone have a clue about this? Maybe I'll just have to wait until new drivers come out for the TV tuners and video card? I still find it weird that everything worked fine in Vista.

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