WMC suddenly not finding tuner

hi all,ive been having big problems with media centre for the last 4 days,,been using it for over 12 months without any problems,,then suddenly started to lose signal on and off,just thought it was a blip,so didnt worry,but then it went off completely,im using a USB freeview dongle,like i say,has worked great for 12 months,,,so,,,i have bought another dongle,plugged into different USB ports and it is recognised in device manager(REALTEK 2832U device) and 1 of the lights is lit on the dongle,but when i try to go through the WMC tv setup,it is unable to find a signal,,it knows the tuner is there,as it asks me if i want to set up the DVB-T tuner manually,ive even reinstalled W7 yesterday,but still it will not work,,the signal is there,as i have tested it on a freeview box on my tv and it was fine.
I'm stumped as to why it has suddenly done this :sad:,im giving myself headache trying to work this out,if anyone has any ideas they could give me,i would be soooo grateful,,seriously,i will buy you a pint if i ever see you,i miss my WMC so much.

Any more details that aren't on profile please just ask,,im not too bad at following instructions if i need to change anything,,but please,,HELPPPPP...thank's for reading my woes:redface3:...Daz.

p.s...blazedtv software doesnt find anything either,,so it is working,but nothing is picking up a signal:sad:

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