Windows 7 WMP 12 fails to convert files...


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Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but every time I try to sync to a device, whether it be an SD card, an MP3 player, or even just a random flash drive, Windows Media Player seems to refuse to convert any of the files... It manages to copy the files that don't need conversion, but the files that need to be converted simply don't convert at all!!!

Below is the error I get:
"Your device requires that this file be converted in order to play on the device. However, the device either does not support playing audio, or Windows Media Player cannot convert the file to an audio format that is supported by the device."

On Microsoft's website, it simply says:
"You've encountered error message C00D123D while using Windows Media Player. Additional information is not currently available for this error."
(it's kinda stupid of me to copy this, since almost every error in WMP gives this same message under the MS websites, but w/e)

This was never a problem on every version of WMP before this...
(I did not try it on previous versions of WMP 12... I'm referring to 11 and under)

Does anyone have this problem? Or were the WMP installation files just corrupted when I was downloading/installing?

BTW: I have Build 7100 now, x64. I did not try to sync files on the previous builds, and I will tell you if this is a consistent problem from the previous versions once I get the time to install those again.
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I have been having the exact same problem as well and I also have Build 7100. I didn't get to test this out on previous builds, so I don't know if this issue is confined to this build or not.

Were you ever able to get it to work?
I can't figure out any way to get the conversion feature to work... grr...

I'm running the Windows 7 Enterprise RTM trial...
Good job on Microsoft not fixing a known bug that wasn't present in older versions of the application >.<
(Not to mention... IT STILL EXISTS ON THE RTM!!! >.<)