WMP 12 - Stop working problem

i just arrived to this forum. this is my first post. I'm here because i'm tired to search solutions to my problem. I hope u guys can help me.
I have just bougth a new pc (HP Z 600 Workstation - intel xeon 2.4Ghz (2 processors) 12GB RAM) and i'm using windows 7 professional 64 bit. I'm using this computer for professional audio recording and sincronization of video.
But i have a problem with video reproduction. My winddows media player can't read avi or mov files as it says it can. even the sample video from windows it can't read. I keep getting this "WMP stoped working" message. Something similar is hapening with quik time player. I have instaled the quicktime player to see my mov movies and get to work, but in this case i can't even open the player - it doens't work.
Can someone tell me what's going on?

Thanks for the sugestion, but no lucky. Doens't work. I still have the same problem.
It's happening with audio too now.
I open audio files, i can listen for some seconds and than it cracks. I get this message saying WMP stoped working and will close. :(
Something similar is hapening with itunes and with quick time - it has something to do with audio and video... but don't now what.
Help please!

could it be because i have the 64 bit system? I've red that WMP 12 is only 32 bit. Why is not compatible?
I had instaled by default the internet explorer 32 bit in my system and i had the same message (no working...will close). I have instaled the 64 bit version and is working fine...the problem are the automatic updates the use by default the 32 bit version (so i get errors)... can i do something to have my WMP working? By the way...my windows media center is working... there i can see my videos...


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I can research this but why don't you use VLC or KMplayer? They are much better than WMP.

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Remove all the codec packs like K-Lite, VLC, Shark007 codec pack etc.


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Remove all the codec packs like K-Lite, VLC, Shark007 codec pack etc.
I don't think VLC uses codecs but plugins, so this shouldn't be your problem. But I agree that 3rd party plugin packs can mess up other players and software.


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I work with audio and video files all the time and Windows Media Player seems to open almost anything on my computer. AVI files, Mpg, Wmv, .Mov etc. and I haven't installed any additional codecs.

I'm just running the defualt setup, I haven't had to install anything to get it to play DVDs etc, not like the old days.

My computer did come all set up by Falcon NW, so I can't say for sure they didn't install codecs that I don't know about before I got it.

Anyone know how I can see a list of Codecs that my computer is running?
I could check and report back.

We could compare the two, and see if I have anything the OP doesn't.


Have you tried just reinstalling Windows Media Player?
Maybe there is something in the install that isn't right.

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Easiest way to see the codecs is to open WMP, select help, About Media Player, and Technical Support Information link.

Also you could open msinfo32 and check under multimedia.


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Here are the Codecs that I see on my computer.


Audio Codecs 2.JPG


Vid Codecs 2.JPG

You can check and see if they are the same.


Ignore these, they are not right but I can't seem to get rid of them.


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Thanks for your coments.
I have check my codecs and everything seems fine. It's true that i have install some codecs before but i have unistall it all and i still have the sema problem. Now even for audio my pc is cracking. Even the itunes. I can listen for a while and than it simple stops responding. Something is wrong. I've run the latestest antivirus and everything is fine too.
I've try your sugesting and went to the system information over codecs and i only have there the original codecs that came with windows now... could it be something else?

audio codecs system.jpg
Here it is my codecs in my system now.
Thanks for any hel you can give.


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Try the VLC player and tell us if the problem occurs with it too. (I'm trying to rule out certain problems to narrow down and pinpoint the cause)

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I could also be related to your audio drivers. It's worth reinstall them. As zvit pointed out try VLC.

I've instaled the VLC player and the same thing happens as with WMP. If i try to open any video it crashes. It can only play Audio. Something is wrong in my system. please help!


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There must be something wrong with your configuration.
It's possible that when you installed and uninstalled the codecs it changed something.

First I would run system file checker.

In the run window type…

SFC /scannow Scans and restores system files.

Did your computer come with a Windows DVD?

It might be a good time to try and repair your Windows installation.

Repair Install of Windows 7

Repair Install - Windows 7 Forums

As a last resort!!!

If your system didn't come with a Windows disk it probably has a restore partition.
Check with the HP web page to find out how to start the restore function

Note: this will wipe your hard drive so back up all your data first.

Your computer will be restored to it's original condition the way it was when you got it.
And you will have to re-install all of the software that you have added to it.

I don't have any other ideas, when restored to the original condition it should play anything.

I haven't had any problems playing anything with my basic Widows installation.


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I did the recomended system check and everything seems to be fine.
I don't have the instalation CD - That was made by the tecnitions in the store and seems that everything was working fine there. I have install critical programs for my work. like protools and i had such a hard work to install end licence everything...i hope i don't need to restore alll my system back... :(


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1. You said in your first post that you do professional audio and video work. What software have you installed for this work? Please be specific.

2. Restart the computer in Safe-Mode and try. This is a crucial test to determine further testing.

3. Did this start as soon as you bought the computer? If not, when did it start?

4. Please try the free Codec Checker http://download.cnet.com/SuperEasy-Codec-Checker/3000-2194_4-10853251.html to find and fix faulty installed codecs.

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1. I have instaled in my system protools 9 from Avid. And this audio recording /editing program is working fine. I just can't upload videos to it becaus quicktime is not working and it need the quicktime to reproduce videos.
3. I can't honestly say if this problem was there when i boughth the computer, because i've just bougth it and i didn't try the WMP because normaly i don't use it. I have imediatly install protools 9 (the last version that is aproved to windows 7) and i have install i tunes and quik time. I have install too Madia player Classic for 64 bit systems and a codecs pack (i think that was my mistake, but i have unistall it as soon i have noticed that i was having problems with quicktime - i can't open quik time and i don't know why! i have try to unistall and install others versions but nothing works. Thna i tried for the first time the WMP and wasn't working... i tunes the same...is a mess! Protools is working fine and other programs too - my problem are some audio and video programs...

4. I have install the codec checker... but i don't see how i can use this to fix default codecs.. it just let me open videos/audio files and see the information - how can i use it to check codecs?

Thanks for your help and hope for your answers

Repair Install of Windows 7
This will not work if you have SP1, unless you have a newer version of W7 with sp1 or you slip streamed a W7 disc with SP1 on it. Of course it is possible to use add and remove and uninstall SP1 if you have not deleted the backup files then you could run the repair install

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