Wmp 12

I just launche media player 12 and can't find a way to have the mini player on the taskbar. Is that no longer a feature. If so, WHY?

hmmm...I guess your right...
but the player is kinda almost mini anyways...

& prolly microsoft may know the only reason for this ;)

well yes .. there is no mini for the wmp 12 ..and i think it is reasonable somehow since when you minimize it, it goes to the -dock like- taskbar with the options of pausing and playing .. so ..i think it is good enought _ well at least for me _ :p

I do really like the improved stability of WMP and the new features as well as the fact that it does look like a "mini" version of itself when open.. but it's still not enough to make me use it as my default media player.. ;) I'll stick with VLC at least for a little while longer.. it plays anything I can throw at it and the quality of my videos is better in it than WMP.. :)

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