WMP11 in Vista x64 won't play all mp3s?




Can't find anyone who shares this problem and cannot find any info online so I'm hoping you guys can help.

My problem is with WMP11. Basically it won't play consecutive tracks either in a playlist or if I double-click tracks one at a time from the library.

If a track plays, the next track won't the next track will if I skip on etc.

If a track doesn't play, the next will if I skip on then the next won't.

If I double-click a track that doesn't play, and then double-click it again it will play, if I double-click it again, it won't play, double-click again and it will play and so on.

The mp3 files are local not streamed etc, play across my LAN on another media center PC and also play fine on my xbox360 media center extender.

I'm thinking this has to be a problem with WMP11 installed on the PC having problems therefore. Trouble is WMP11 is built into Vista so other than rebuilding the PC from scratch which I really don't want to have to do, does anyone have any ideas or has anyone come across this before?




I also have new vista 64 bit and my prob is a bit diff from yours...and I agree with you and others that the prob lies within the preinstalled wmp11....it already had bugs
my symptom with wmp11 is the music is very distorted and not sync'd with track names....poor quality all the way around even when playing from other formats sources.CEC

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