WMP54G issues- which PCI cards do work with 7?

Hi all

I am having the Linksys WMP54G issue of dropped signal etc, that a lot of people seem to have. I have tried the various solutions people have proposed, but no luck so far, so i'll just buy a new PCI card. I love 7 so much and don't want to go back to xp just because of 1 component.

So, my question is, which PCI wireless cards are known to run absolutely fine with 7? (32bit)

trya search with your pci card in the above navbar...But before you go buy a card...maybe take a look at this. Your not the only one w/this prob, other a trying avenues like this

Sry...heres the link http://www.phishthis.com/2009/01/16...ers-on-windows-7-beta-64-bit-or-vista-64-bit/

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thanks for posting :) that site is for the 64bit version,and i am running the 32bit one, however, i'll have a read and see if i can work something out

thanks, i'll look into it and have a play around


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No problem,

I hope that's the solution.

I'm currently using the vista (card is ver.4.1) driver, and the connection works when it feels like it!

I tried the solution on the other web site using the ralink stuff but that was no better than above. maybe i need to re-format, fresh install and try the ralink stuff again. by now, theres probably god knows what bits of drivers scattered everywhere!

Hi, currently back to a wired connection. anyone got any suggestions?

am sick of fighting on trying to get linksys to work, i really dont mind buying another card at this point - which cards do people use?


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