Wndows 7 64-bit on Parallels for Mac: Loading embedded HTML

I recently installed Windows 7 64-bit on my iMac using Parallels Desktop for Mac. The install went smoothly. But I've run into an issue now: Any time that I try and use a program that has embedded HTML (i.e. it calls an html file in the program file directory to display some information within the program), my default browser is opened and prompts me to download the associated html file.

For example, I'm trying to install a program and part of the installation menu calls some html code from ///file://d:/setup/setup_menu.html. But rather than displaying the correct information in the program, the html area is left blank and my browser pops up and asks me to confirm the file download of the above file...

And it doesn't just happen for one program. It happens anywhere that html is embedded within a program UI.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to fix this or could they point me in the right direction? I've googled the issue and it seems to be a somewhat unique issue. Could it have to do with some security setting?

Thanks in advance,


Could be simple. Uninstall your default browser. The issue might clear away, because it could be due to some browser specific setting taking control when you obvious do not want that.

Then re-install default browser, so it is installed with default settings. See how it goes.


Or if that has not solved it, follow here for htm and html file types:

Default File Type Associations - Restore - Windows 7 Forums

Worked like a charm. I feel a bit foolish -- but regardless. Thank you for your help!

Glad to hear it....nah, not foolish at all. It isn't a very common issue, as you've said.

You're welcome.

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