Woman robs bank due to “bucket list” wish

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    Woman robs bank due to “bucket list” wish


    A Florida (shocker!) woman with a history of mental illness and a bout of leukemia decided she wanted to rob a bank to accomplish something on her “bucket list” of things to do before she dies. Kind of admirable, right? Maybe not…she has leukemia, but it’s not terminal. So now she’s just in jail. Worst. Bucket list. Ever.

    She robbed a bank and then went on the lam for three days. From behind bars, Patricia Edwards tells FOX 35 that it was on her “bucket list,” or things to do before you die.

    Last week, the cancer patient walked into a bank in Sanford, handing the teller a note demanding money. In surveillance video, Edwards, 51, is seen sporting a baseball cap during the heist at the Bank of America branch.

    “There was no plan, no nothing; just impulse,” she said in an exclusive interview with FOX 35. “I just walked by. I said, ‘I’m gonna go in there… passed a note to gain some cash and I left.”

    When asked why she did it, Edwards replied, “Because it was something I had on my ‘bucket list,’” adding, “I think everyone should have a list of things they want to do before they ‘expire.’”

    She’s right in that it’s good to have a list of crazy, and not-so-crazy, dreams you want to accomplish before you die. It’s important to believe in things and want to live life to the fullest while you’re here. And, sure, we’ve all thought about robbing a bank to either become extremely wealthy or, at the very least, acquire a couple burlap sacks with dollar signs on them. But doing something blatantly illegal when you’re not going to die probably isn’t the best idea a person could have. They make suicide pills for a reason.

    Plus, she robbed a bank without a gun. Yes, it’ll give her less jail time (at least in theory), but what’s the fun of robbing a bank without pointing at least a toy gun at someone’s head? That’d be like having a bucket list idea of eating a one pound burger but opting to make it from the Play Doh McDonald’s playset.

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