Windows 7 Wonderful Experience


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I have to say that the Windows7 beta1 has been a wonderful experience. The installation was a snap. The 32bit version found all the drivers it needed. With a few very minor rough edges, like not remembering to show my thumbnails extra large, it works amazingly well. I feel more comfortable with the beta1 of Windows7 than I did with Vista after using it for over a year.

I did add a Quick Launch toolbar to the taskbar. I listen to the radio via internet explorer and starting a second IE was a nuisance that the Quick Launch toolbar solved.

I tried the CD/DVD burner and it worked great and I even burned an image file.

Now, I'm eagerly awaiting the RC1 and final. Kudos to MS.
I'm glad to hear all went well with your installation and that you are enjoying Windows 7 Beta... It truly is a gem! :) Now let's hope the final is released sooner than later.. ;)
that is quite a statement there patrick. I felt comfortable every minute i had my hands on vista. Windows 7 took that a step furtther. I now feel like i can walk on water this os has had no issues with myself other than a small com _surrogate error in the early builds.
surfing W7

So far so good.The only complaint I have is it runs a little slower than Wxp.But that is becouse I am using an older pc with a pentium 4,I dont have the dual core.Another plus is I dont have to use Windowblinds any more. I think that W7 is a bit more simple to use than Wxp.
I think that I peed a little bit when I installed W7... it took 20 mins to do the upgrade from vista. I was shocked. As for compatibility, that will come in time... I love it.. LOVE IT. it's freaking awesome.. glad I got into the Beta for it.