Windows 10 Wondershare | The most annoying software I ever installed | Rant 😡


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Mar 15, 2023
Let me start off by saying this: I HATE WONDERSHARE (in case you didn't guess from the title)

I installed Wondershare a while back, I don't remember what for but I think it was Wondershare Filmora or something like that. Never had too much of a problem with it except for the fact that it was eating up quite a bit of RAM and CPU usage. Today I was cleaning out my ProgramFiles(x86) folder of anything I deemed to be useless and no longer needed, to free up some space, when I came across the Wondershare folder. I had not used Wondershare in quite some time, so I figured, I may as well just delete it if i'm not going to use it. However, therein lies where the problem and almost hulk-like rage ensued after making several attempts at removing it then realising that it is not going to be an easy task, because I wanted to delete Wondershare but Wondershare said "Oh no, i'm not going anywhere."

There were 2 unstoppable services from Wondershare still running, those were WsAppService.exe and WsDrvInst. I tried using Process explorer (my default task manager) running as administrator to stop the services but was met with an "Access Denied" error. Then I attempted to use another task manager I have called ProcessHacker (also running as administrator) and still it said access denied. Naturally after trying with all my might not to throw my keyboard aross my living room, I opened Ol' faithful, Google Chrome, and searched for that specific problems and found a solved question with instructions on what to do to win the battle against that final boss, Wondershare. I had to install a program called Autoruns, to uncheck the WS services that were causing the problem. Then I had to open msconfig, and in the boot tab I had to click "safe boot" and restart my PC in safe mode. Once in safe mode I could then go to the location of the Wondershare folder and delete it. Open msconfig again and uncheck "safe boot" and restart again. Now this would be fine normally, except for the fact that my PC takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes just to get to the Windows login screen after I boot it up.

So what's the lesson learned here?: I am NEVER going to install Wondershare on my computer ever again, not even if someone were to tell me that I really need it, no, forget that, it can stay off my computer forever. In my moment of rage I almost sent a, shall we say, less than kind email to the creators of Wondershare, but I didn't think it would be worth my time so I didn't bother in the end.

I'm just glad it is finally gone for good!

Dealing with persistently running software or services, especially those that won't uninstall easily, can be a frustrating experience. It's good to hear that you were able to resolve the issue and remove Wondershare from your system. The steps you took, such as using Autoruns, booting into safe mode, and deleting the software folder, are effective methods for dealing with stubborn programs.

If you ever come across similar situations in the future, where an application refuses to uninstall or its services won't stop running, those steps can be quite handy. And it's a valuable lesson to exercise caution when installing software, especially if it's known to cause issues down the line.

It's essential to keep your system clean and optimized, so regular maintenance and ensuring unwanted programs are removed can help keep your computer running smoothly. If you have any other questions, need assistance, or just want to share your experience further, feel free to do so!