Won't boot; Windows 7, 3 times in a month!

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by greiner3, Dec 9, 2009.

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    I've got a fair amount of computer savvy. But when I migrated to 7 last month I guess all that was useless. Anyway, I'm running a newer HP with enough power to handle anything, so far. I installed 7 and then put my apps on and about a week later upon rebooting I get the message that I can't access the OS. A tired couple of hours later convinced me that it was a corrupted boot. I reinstalled everything. Same thing happened 2 weeks later. I did install 7 on top of the existing OS and all the data on D: was fine. About half of the installed apps even worked. I put those back and deleted Windows.old and all was good. This morning it happened again. I come to the OS load and a MS screen comes on saying, "Applying update operation 2 of 232." I can't find any info on this but I had left my machine on over night and you know who might have sent me automatic updates which my machine took as a necessary reboot. I did wake to the old Blue Screen. I want to see if I can delete these updates from within the Command Prompt. This leads me to part two.

    I've read up a lot on repairing, redoing and starting over again with a new boot file. I've looked at MS's site and tried their BCD system. I've checked Dan Stolts' blog but he assumes quite a bit of user's knowledge. There is a public BCD program but it's for dual booting and has no parameters, that I can find, for fixing my computer. I was able to get into the system through the 7's install disk. By way of a walk through I got to a command prompt. This was after the system checked for the x amount of times if it was able to auto repair. It was not able to. Using online help and tutors I found my way to the program called Bootrec.exe. I tried, on at a time, all the switches to try to repair the boot record. None of them worked. I was able to get the message that while the boot record was there, it's checksum was different from what it was supposed to be. I then tried MS's BCD program. I tried all of theirs, at least the ones that were appropriate for my situation. None if these helped either. Then I read that the boot record on the install disk could be copied to my C: drive and the bootmgr would see this as the new boot record. I guess it works in theory but not in my machine. I think there were other methods I tried but I can't think of them right now. Oh, I spent a good hour relearning all my old DOS commands so I could move within the, non-existent, right?, DOS shell.

    I guess that's all for now. I'm posting this because I'm tired and I really don't relish building up my hard drive for the 4th time in as many weeks. For what it's worth, I've also been hit twice within this time frame by having my login passwords change on me. Google can be a good thing and it sure was in trying to get into my machine, at least the first time it happened. You might say that I've got malware on my machine. I ran several scans in the last few days and while I was researching this today I ran Malewarebyte's pro and the machine is clean.

    I can play on this old machine but I really need my good system. I'll get tired of this 5 year old thing soon and jump into re-everything on the good system, soon. I am asking for help because right now I do not want to do that. It's a chore plus I hate being bested by some software glitch. Don't you?

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