Wont connect to Broadcasting WPA Wireless

Hi All
Im having serious problems connecting Win7 Home premium 32bit to my WLAN. This connection previously worked fine under XP.

Win 7 Fully patched
Windows home Group services disabled.
WPA-Personal b/g channel 11 enabled on router
WN is broadcasting and WIN 7 sees the network
Router F/W is patched but its an old router however my work laptop (same make and model will connect)

Wlcan card driver updated to latest version
Ive created a profile manually which fails to connect.
Connecting via the Wireless icon fails

I am able to connect if i set router as unsecured
Rebooted router (which has now killed my already poor sync speed)

Does anyone have any suggestions...?


Some hardware sytem specs and router specs would really be helpful. Is this a wired or wireless connection?

Hi there
Routere is an old 3Com Office connect. It supports B/G, Open, WPA TKIP and WEP 64Bit aor 128 Bit standards.
Wireless Card is an Intel 4965 AGN Card with latest intel driver

Wired connection is absoloutly fine.
Laptop is a Dell D630



Noob Whisperer
I am able to connect if i set router as unsecured
Have you tried both levels of encryption using WEP as well as WPA?
Have you tried setting the Router to G only?
Have you tried a different Channel on the router (1, 3, 6, 9)?
What happens when you try to connect? You say it sees the Wireless network, when you type in the security key or passphrase, what happens? Do you get an error or does it just sit there forever attempting to connect or acquire an IP address.
If it seems to continue to try to connect without error then try disabling IPv6 in the properties of your network adapter.
Make sure you have the latest driver for your adapter from here http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Sea...ductProduct=Intel®+Wireless+WiFi+Link+4965AGN
Does the same laptop have any trouble connecting at other locations (HotSpots, Coffee Shops, friends, relatives, neighbors, McDonalds)?

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