Wont install, freezing



Hey all, thanks for reading this

Ok i've tried a few times to install vista, every time it hangs up before i get anywhere. While in xp it freezes right after i select install x86 or x64. When i boot with the disc in, as soon as the green splash screen comes up, my mouse loads and shows up, then nothing. Ive sat and watched both for hours, just goes no-where.

It ran before i changed my mobo, cpu and vid card, Heres what i have

Asus p5k-e mobo
intel quadcore cpu
zotac 1gig 8800gt vid card

sounds like the same memory issues I was having :rolleyes:


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Yup, either RAM or bad sectors...

With the issues that you are claiming to have, it sounds like your mobo is the issue with the installing. The CPU wouldnt cause that kind of an issue with installing and definitely not the video card. It sounds like your mobo is the issue, if you have a spare mobo use it to check. If not stick in a different set of memory or if your running 2 or more sticks, take them all out except for one. Once again the issue your having sounds like mobo issue.

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