Wont recognise installed onboard WLan card on Pakard bell laptop

I have just installled a new version of W7 onto my pakard bell mz35 laptop, and I am havingn difficulties.

Despite there bieng an onboard Wlan card it seems to not recognise it.

Could some one offer me some advice as to how i can make it find it, and where I can find the drivers from for it.

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Hi Chris,
if you go to this page: Support Download and click on download legacy drivers you'll be able to find your particular set there. If you cannot find windows 7 drivers then use vista.

Another handy tool especially if a machine is a few years old is the: Download details: Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor
This should tell you if it's going to run under win 7 or not and save you a lot of time and effort..

Thankyou very much,
so if it is compatible with win 7, will the vista drivers work on it? even tho I am running W7 ?

Thankyou very much for ur help

Yes, Vista drivers will work well for you if need be.

I don't find your model on the provided link from Kemical. It is probably too old.

I can find or make a driver for you if needed. Hopefully you installed 32 bit version of Windows 7. That would make life easier for you to deal with this.

If you want me to look or make something, please tell me which version you have installed. Then -

Open device manager. Right click on the wireless network card that needs the driver. Properties. Details tab. Change the dropdown to say hardware ids. Then copy/paste the results below that to here.

Edit - Seems I haven't read that legacy part so well before, from Kemical's post lol.

If you have 32 bit, install this that I found by following his link to legacy : ftp://ftp.download.packardbell.com/NOTEBOOK/EasyNote MZ35 series/Driver/Vista/EN_MZ3x_WLAN.exe

If you have 64 bit, that's a slight can of worms. But tell us and then we can present to you the possibilities, if any - along with the hardware id info.

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Thankyou once again,

I have installed the 32 Bit W7,

I looked in the device manager and it doesnt even register that there is even a wlan card installed on the computer.

Its almost like it cant identify that it exists, The laptop is only 3 years old.

thankls again, I will try the links you have provided tonight


It could be hiding by appearing as an unknown device or something. I would simply try installing from the link like you said and it will probably turn out well.

Let us know please, in either case. If needed, we'll see what else we can do. Good luck and you're welcome.


The Link Worked! Drivers installed and everything is honkey dory!!

thankyou very much for your help!


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That's great!

Yup...great to hear it...good job Kemical. :)

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