Woolly Mammoth found Alive Crossing a river in Siberia ! | Video discovered on YouTube by Mike windo

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    I find it odd that whoever recorded this decided to take 34 seconds and then just leave.. there has got to be more to the story than this, although I haven't looked too far into it. Surely, if you believed that you had found a 4,000 year old mammoth roaming around Siberia, you would not just take a video with your cellphone for 34 seconds and not tell someone where it is located, hmm? Not to mention trying to get a better picture for confirmation, etc...

    It looks somewhat convincing, given the fact that this is Siberia, it would be the type of climate I believe they would thrive in during the last Ice Age, but whether or not this is real should be left up to the experts.

    It also looks like it was in The Sun (a well known tabloid to my knowledge).
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