Word 2003 loses window size, position

Howdy, all

So. Running XP.2 (can't run XP.3; it kills Adobe's CS2 apps, which I need). Had a spare partition. Before putting Ubuntu back on it, I figured I'd install the Win7 Ultimate that'd come (unused) with another computer.

(The install was smooth enough. The updates were slower'n snail poo. But after turning almost everything back to the Windows Classic theme, it's almost bearable. Only two of my devices were unrecognized and unsupported, and they're no surprise; the tablet's nearly twenty years old (even the manufacturer doesn't support it) and the scanner's older still.)

Installed copies of my must-have software--Office 2003 (I've had to suffer through Office 2007, and will never ever ever put it on a machine I have to work on), Photoshop and InDesign CS2, Winamp :).

I got my first real exposure to User Access Levels when, the first time I ran Word 2003, Win7 wouldn't let me save the new Normal.dot. I later went and copied my much-customized normal.dot from its XP location, so the file's at least there.

But: I run Word on a portrait-oriented monitor. Under XP, Word remembers the window size and position, and it's exactly where I want it, all the time. So far, every time in Win7 I've opened up an existing document, the Word window has instantly shrunk to around 40% of the size it's supposed to be.

I'm curious if this is a cling-on permissions issue with normal.dot under Win7, or a registry setting that simply hasn't gotten made (in XP, Word seemed to take care of remembering where I put and closed it by itself). Did a search, but didn't see any questions that seemed to relate to this, so I'll ask.

(I'm trying to like Windows 7, I really am. I don't much, but I'm trying. I don't mind the thought of getting a new tablet, and I've got another scanner I can use. But I really dislike having to resize my windows every time I open a document--I spend 75% of my time on the PC in Word, just writing.)

And again, I hate, loathe and despise Office 2007 and 2010. I do most emphatically not like the "death by honey and marshmallows" interface that microsoft seems to think is so great. :)

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Install Classic Shell, and the interface will look a lot more like what you are used to.
I use it all the time, but you can switch back and forth with just a shift click.
It will also make Windows Explorer work a lot better.

Turn off the UAC.

Install Take Ownership App.

Add "Take Ownership" to Explorer Right-Click Menu in Win 7 or Vista - How-To Geek

Note that if you grab any window by the top and drag it to the top of the screen it will format instantly to full screen.
And that if you drag it until the cursor hits either side it will format to half screen on the side you drag to.

Aero Snap - Turn On or Off - Windows 7 Forums

I use this constantly, in just two seconds you can have Word and your internet browser side by side and drag copy back and forth.

You can open two copies of Widows Explorer and format them side by side in seconds and then drag data from one drive to another.

Once you catch on to all the things it can do you won't want to look at XP again.

Good Luck


Hi, Mike

Thanks for the fast response; this is like going to the Ubuntu fora. :)

That said:

>Note that if you grab any window by the top and drag it
>to the top of the screen it will format instantly to full screen.
>And that if you drag it until the cursor hits either side it will
>format to half screen on the side you drag to.

Wow. With no offense, that sound like a depressingly useless 'feature'. That said, I'm going to experiment and see if that's not what's causing it. My portrait monitor is to the right of the dual-screens, and I have Word bumped up against the upper-left corner of the screen (without taking the whole width up). Let's see what happens if I slide it a teensy ways away from either.

The other links that you pointed me to sound interesting, too. I can live without the Aero or Glass features of Win7; my XP looks like Win2K, after all, for a reason. But my wife's decided she may want to try this, so those extras you mentioned may come in handy.

Thanks again!



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I don't find it useless at all, it's actually one of the things I like best about Windows 7.
I often work with multiple windows open, for instance I’m typing this in Microsoft Word right now.

It has a much better spellchecker etc. and I have your post open on the left side of the screen.

But I also like to have Word open along with my browser, I grab text from the browser window and drag itover to Word and when I’ve assembled all the clips from what ever I’m working on I just save the word file and have all the stuff in one document.

Or I have this forum open in one window while I browse for info in another window.

This works with almost any two windows you can even drag an image from Adobe Photoshop into Word.

Being able to format both windows to half the screen in one second saves a lot of hassle.
When I used to do this in XP I was always spending time dragging windows to the size I wanted.
And I've gotten the habit of dragging to the top to expand the window so I don't even think about it any more.

Ok I’m done Typing so…

I just dragged the message over to this window!




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