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Microsoft Word 2007 has worked fine for me until just a few days ago, when it started crashing when I tried to do anything on it. Uninstalling any 3rd party add ons seems to kinda fix this problem, because without the one I had, Word now only crashes when you try to exit the program. The problem is, I need the add on for my schooling, because I take classes online, and the add on is called MathType, a program for writing out equations and such in Word. When I try to use the add on, it comes up with a really long error, I might post it later. I have had no problems with any other Office 2007 program, and I never had any problems with Word before this; I installed it a few months back. Also, I have tried reinstalling, but this doesn't seem to fix the problem. I've also tried running the Office Diagnostic tool and I know that it encountered a problem, but it would just say that the problem was fixed, and it wouldn't tell me anything about the problem.


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does this issue persist when running the applications as admin (right click and run as admin mode)

does this issue persist when running the applications as admin (right click and run as admin mode)
Yes, and on a side note, I recently tried making a new account on the computer and running it from there, and it then worked perfectly, even with the add on.

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Cyber, it sounds like the NORMAL.DOTM file has become damaged. You need to delete the file and have MS Word recreate it.

by default, on Win 7, the file should be located at:


Deleting the normal.dotm file didn't help at all, but its probably because my computer has a backup stored for the normal.dotm file from a couple days ago, so I think it just keeps putting that one there, which is probably why its not fixing the problem, I'll try to get rid of this backup copy. Btw, thanks for the link sarge, I'll check that site out.

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Nevermind, deleting normal.dotm fixed the problem when I did it a second time. Thanks, I really appreciate the help.

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