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Please can someone advise in the simplest posible terms to a problem I have with MS Word 2007.
My cursour has constantly got the busy circle and flickering the pointer very fast, I've googled it and found that if I change the printer to document printing it stops but have to change back to actually print.
I have noticed that it isn't auto correcting either even though it's set to do so, please can anyone advise how to sort this properly.
Thank you


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First thingto try is to go to add remove programs right click on MS word and see if there is an option of change if so click on that and try the repair option.

Thanks I'll try that tomorrow

Thanks I'll try that tomorrow
There is no separate installation for word and there is no repair option for office 2007 in add/remove programs just uninstall or change


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If you click on change there should be a repair option there.

I have done that and as you say there is a repair, however when starting repair it says that it hasn't been repaired due to an error and gives no options but to close.


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The only other thing I can think of is to uninstall and reinstall. Maybe someone else will chime in with a better option.

helpifIcan said:
The only other thing I can thinkof is to uninstall and reinstall. Maybe someone else will chime in with abetter option.
Tried that and after all that it's no different, I think it's definitely something to do with the printer driver but don't how to find out or fix it.

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