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A few quick questions on Word. We recently built a new PC that is running the 32 bit version of 7 Home Prem. We moved a bunch of word docs from an older maching running XP Home generated in, I believe, Word 2001(if there is such an animal...it was pre-installed on a Dell we purchased new in 2002). I installed the trial version of Office 2010 to give it a try. Now, when I open MY DOCUMENTS and click on one of the old Word docs, the doc opens with a bunch of garbled type, however, when I open the same doc from Word 2010, it opens fine. Also, last night my wife tried opening one of her Word Docs (not sure of the version that was used to generate it, but I told her to find out) from her employers web portal (server?) and it would not open. I can certainly provide more info if needed, I just wanted to save time if this is simply a matter of the docs being generated with a version too old for Word 2010 to open properly. Thanks for any help.


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so basically double clicking the word file opens scrambled and opening from with word is fine? As far as I'm aware all newer Offices have complete backwards compatibility to previous builds in the series, although if it does seem a bit twitchy and garbles on 2010 edition maybe try the 2007 edition on a trial and see how that goes.

I'll give that a shot. Do you think this is a 7 or a Word 2010 issue? Do you think there will be a patch or update? I don't want to purchase Office 2010 if it's not going to allow us to open up our Word docs. Thanks for your help.


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I'd imagine 2010 will be heavily patched in time... having recently reinstall my full system and word 2007 i noticed a large amount of updates for that in the few years since release, so would expect any issues with 2010 to be similarly fixed.


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Another consideration, do the files that are appearing as garbled actually have a dot doc extension like LetterToMom.doc
I know a lot of old dells had another program pre-installed called microsoft works suite, which included a word processor that produced documents in another proprietary format completely, just a thought.

Got it figured out. I picked one of our Word 2000 files and right clicked and chose OPEN WITH and then chose Word 2010. I checked the box for always opening with and that fixed it. Thank you to everyone who tried to help me.

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