Word2007 is slowing down my computer with fresh version of win7


I recently purchased a computer dedicated to gaming/working.

I just installed MS office 2007 and I have an issue with word 2007. When I'm running word 2007, it takes always 5-6 seconds to switch from Word to any other application running: Internet explorer, Google chrome, Paint, powerpoint...This was not happening with XP or Vista and is very annoying.
I ran a scan with the tools of microsoft office but no error is detected.
For antivirus software I am running AVG Free (no malware, no spyware...).
I do not ahve any printer connected.

I cannot find a solution to my problem...Do you have any idea?

Thanks in advance,



Endnote 9seemed to have been the responsible of this disagreement.

I disabled the add-ins available in thw word options.

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