Work-a-round for Monitor Driver

Hi, my video graphics driver is up-to-date and W7 compliant, but the newest driver I could find for my monitor was Windows XP. Everything actually works just fine except that whenever I logon my desktop immediately reconfigures itself (just like when you manually change the screen resolution). Screen goes blank momentarily, then comes back to life. Again, everything works fine, but it's a nuisance to have to wait and see it do that every time I log on.

I believe what's happening is that W7 is loading up the non-PNP monitor Driver by default, but then, as soon as I log on, it immediately switches to my monitor driver which is a Philips 202p73. I don't know if W7 is somehow making us of my XP-rated Philips driver or if my graphics card update somehow detected and provided it. When I point the monitor at the XP driver (philips) it doesn't recognize it. One way or the other, it found a philips driver and is using it. It comes up with the correct resolutions and refresh rates any everything.

It seems to me that I need to tell W7 to skip the non-PNP default monitor driver and just go directly to the Philips driver. I think if I could do this, then it wouldn't double-load the desktop every time I log on.

I've played around with the Device Manager. I uninstalled the generic drivers, but it just resets to the same generic driver with the same behavior.

Any ideas on a work-around? Anyone else have similar problems? Is there anyway to tweak the Philips driver so it works with W7? Are graphics card driver updates known to provide drivers for 3rd party monitors? (I'm not sure where it got the philips driver from.)


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