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Discussion in 'Windows Security' started by Tokajac, May 24, 2010.

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    May 24, 2010
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    I have Servoy environment and it's Sybase SQL Anywhere module;
    I've tried to install Servoy 5.1.3. that includes Sybase on Windows7:
    After the wizard, i run developer/servoy.exe;
    The Windows7 firewall asked me whether i allow access to the public network, i clicked Allow Access.
    Servoy freezes than with progress bar on ~33%
    I tried to install it in:
    c:\Servoy, c:\Program Files\Servoy, c:\Users\MyUsername\Documents\Servoy, e:\Projects\Servoy

    This is related to Win7 security, i suppose? How to setup OS for comfortable usage of Servoy with Sybase? Like it runs fine when i uncheck Database on installation wizard, because not all projects require Sybase.
    Also, EVERYTHING works fine on WindowsXP.
    If there is not precise answer for Sybase permissions, how can i (decrease) set security level on Win7 to be similar to WinXP?


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