Windows 7 World of Warcraft game Freeze!


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Hello everyone,

I seem to be having a unique problem with my new computer. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit with 12GB of DDR3 1600mhz. My video card is a EVGA NVIDA 295, and using a i7 Pentium processer.

When I start the wow.exe I cam play without any issues what so ever. The machine just screams with performance. But...(of course there is a but if I'm here posting..LOL) when I try and run another program at the same time I'm playing WoW my computer freezes up and I have to hard boot it. I have tried running "Ventrilo" and "Skype" and both seem to make the PC freeze. I can use any of those 3 programs without a issue, but with WOW...BOOM back to the power button.

I have tried to use all the compatibility fixes from XP to Vista. I have tried different versions of the voice servers, and I have even ran a repair on the WOW game.

Could I have a issue with my anti-virus or firewall settings? I'm at a loss here and don't know what to try next. I am using the newest Norton AntiVirus and I have gave the wow.exe permission to run through the firewall.

Anyone else having this issue? Or is there anyone out there that can give some advice on what I need to try next?

Thanks in advance for you time :)


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